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      10 days back, I was at one of Hyderabad Metro Railway station. As soon as train had arrived everyone rushed towards it. Luckily I got the seat. In that coach one side seats are occupied by Ladies and another side by gents . As soon as train had started, everyone are busy at looking their mobiles. Unfortunately, a lady who is pregnant was standing beside the Gents seating facing other side, so no men can see her. After some time a lady who is sitting in front of us got up and came near to us and said “ Can’t you see that pregnant women who is standing. Can’t you give the seat” she said. By hearing to that words, three men got up and offered their seats.

      Here the thing is, the lady who asked the men to get up was seeing that pregnant women since 10 minutes. Here I don’t understand a thing that, if she realizes that pregnant women was standing since 10 minutes. why can’t she offer her seat, instead she reacted on the situation.

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